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We have farm fresh eggs available for delivery with your CSA. 


One Dozen (first-come/first-serve); Eggs are available to all CSA Members on a first-come/first-serve basis (weekly) on the Online Farmers Market for $6.00.


For 2023 we will have 2 egg partner farms, Zinniker Family Farm in Elkhorn, Wisconsin and our friends Craig and Cathy Braatz in Waukesha, Wisconsin. 


The Zinniker Family Farm is a 165 acre, diversified, certified organic farm, and one of the oldest running biodynamic farms in America. Their chickens are truly free-range, with daily/year-round access to grass and pasture. The Zinnikers also grind their own chicken feed, made up of a minimum of five different seasonal grains, chopped hay, animal protein and high-quality supplements like kelp meal and milk, their absolute favorite.


Craig and Cathy Braatz live on a small farmette in Waukesha. They have 1/3 acre of vegetable gardens, 4 dwarf goats, and over 32 laying hens. The chickens are free to roam the 4 acre property and eat organic feed. The eggs are fresh, hearty and delicious!


Depending on inventory you may receive one or the other farm’s eggs. Both farms practice organic and host truly free-range flocks. We eat both in our household and love the flavor and healthy source from local farms. 


Eggs are $6.00 per dozen. 



Farm Fresh Eggs - 1 Dozen

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