Quinta is a vegetable farm growing food at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, in East Troy Wisconsin. We sell our produce through a 50 member CSA, at 3 Farmers Markets and many local restaurants.

We specialize in Super Sweet Cherry Tomatoes, Heirloom Tomatoes, Carrots and Lettuce. Other produce is offered according to the growing season.

We are committed to growing delicious food that is healthy for humans and the environment. We do not use chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, and no single-use plastic mulch!

All vegetables are grown at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in East Troy Wisconsin. MFAI is certified organic, but QuintaMKE is not.

Update: We are currently seeking new farmland!
Thank you to everyone who participated in our Kickstarter campaign by donating and sharing on social media! We achieved 106% of our funding goal. This Kickstarter project will help us achieve our ultimate goal; finding a permanent farm. Some of the startup costs we now face include a mortgage down payment, a permanent greenhouse, a tractor, and other equipment. The project funding combined with our savings give us confidence for the journey ahead.

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Mason Jarecki Nimmo

(262) 402 - 8495