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Community Supported Agriculture

Update 02/20/2023

Happy National CSA Week! 

Thanks to overwhelming support from returning CSA Members (as well as many new CSA Members) our CSA is sold out! At this time we absolutely cannot take on any more new CSA Members, but we may consider taking 1 or 2 more returning Members (in case we missed anyone - if that's you please reach out by email/phone). New members are encouraged to join our wait-list, at the bottom of this page, for email updates about future CSA sign-ups, like the Fall CSA in October-Nov. 

If you're still interested in joining a CSA, here are our favorite websites to find one:

We also highly recommend starting a conversation online, on or Facebook neighborhood groups. Ask your neighbors which CSA they have / had / like? What did they like about CSA and what didn't they like?

Lastly, come visit us at the farmers markets this summer! You might just get to try one of the sweetest cherry tomatoes you've ever had ;)

East Troy Farmers Market

Friday 3pm-6pm
June - October


Tosa Farmers Market​

Saturday 8am - Noon
June - October


Riverwest Gardeners Market

Sunday 10am - 3pm
June - October 

CSA Description

What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is the best way to buy local food directly from a farmer. Think of it as the original meal-kit. You purchase a “share” and become a farm “member.” The farm delivers a box of vegetables regularly throughout the growing season.

What's in the Box?

Quinta’s CSA members receive 18 front-door deliveries (weekly) June-October. You get things like Lettuce, Carrots, Beets, Tomatoes, Spinach, Basil, Onions, and other things that come and go with the Wisconsin growing season. 

How is Quinta's CSA different?

  • The cost for our CSA includes front-door delivery

  • We deliver to your home using rigid harvest bins, allowing us to cut down on individual packaging. In 2022 we delivered 70 CSA subscriptions with almost no single-use plastic packaging

  • Our CSA is a medium sized box. We designed our box to be a manageable portion, so you don't have to worry about waste.

  • Quinta CSA members can add things like Eggs and extra Veggies to their delivery using our Online Farmers Market

  • We take 3-4 breaks during the season, giving CSA members time to clean out their fridge or visit other local farms at the Farmers Market. 

Our CSA membership begins at $500, or about $28 per week. We offer discounts to existing CSA members and new CSA members in Wauwatosa, Milwaukee’s East Side, Riverwest and North Shore.

CSA Sign-Up Schedule

  • January 1st CSA sign-ups are open to returning CSA members.

  • January 14th CSA sign-ups will open for new CSA members in Wauwatosa, Milwaukee’s East Side, Riverwest and North Shore.

  • February 1st CSA sign-ups will open for new CSA members

CSA memberships will likely sell out by March 31st. 


  • Returning CSA members please take a $35 discount by using discount code "CSA2022" at check out. 

  • New CSA members in Wauwatosa (zip codes 53213 and 53226) please take a $25 discount by using discount code "Tosa" at check out.

  • New CSA members on Milwaukee's Eastside/Riverwest/Northshore (zip codes 53211, 53212, and 53217) please take a $25 discount by using discount code "Lake Effect" at check out. 

CSA Waitlist
CSA Wait-list
Join our waitlist to be contacted about future CSA opportunities. 

Thanks for submitting!

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